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Criminal Law

2022 Upcoming Laws 

1. Police Training:

    Police officers must be provided de-escalation instruction during use of force training courses and chokeholds only permitted in limited            situations. Officers are prohibited from intentionally turning off a body camera to conceal a criminal act by themselves or other officers. 

    (HEA 1006)

2. First responder residency

    Police officers and firefighters no longer are required to live within 50 miles of the community they serve so long as they have adequate          transportation to their job and reliable telephone service. 
    (HEA 1033

3. Monuments

    The state police is directed to prioritize monument protection generally and state troopers must be dispatched, upon receipt, to protect any      monument at risk of vandalism anywhere in the state, and to assist in any local investigation of monument damage or destruction. 

    (SEA 187)

4. Juvenile Justice

     Individuals younger than 18 who are charged as adults must still be housed in a secure juvenile facility, unless a court determines, and           regularly affirms, it is in the best interest of justice that the juvenile be jailed alongside adults. 

     (SEA 368)

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