Membership Benefits

Below is a list of membership benefits to members of the Indiana Paralegal Association. 
Some of the benefits listed below are offered by the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA). 
Anyone who joins IPA automatically becomes a member of NFPA.
**a portion of your membership fee goes directly to NFPA

  • Updates on Local and National levels affecting our legal profession
  • Networking with colleagues and others in the legal community
  • Monthly editions of The Precedent
  • Opportunities to partake in and receive IPA's and NFPA's salary and needs survey  
  • Opportunities to get involved in legal pro bono work         
  • Continuing Legal Education Seminar/Webinar Opportunities  
  • Lorman Education Services - Discount on both CLE and Bookstore Items                              


  • Opportunities to attend IPA events, including annual meetings and monthly meetings at a discount
  • Monthly Membership Meeting Invitiation
  • On-line membership Directory
  • On-line listings of employment opportunities, both locally and nationally (Job Bank)
  • Information on Professional and Paralegal Education Trends
  • National Federal of Paralegal Association ("NFPA" Membership)
  • NFPA's National Paralegal Reporter Magazine
Another great benefit to being a member of IPA is the access to information and resources specifically geared towards paralegals.

Private Member Directory - Search for old friends or paralegals who specialize in a particular area of law. As members you have the option of determining the level of access others have to your profile.

Association Documents - As members of IPA you have access to documents relating to the function and financial health of the association.

Paralegal Career Center - This page offers information regarding the members only job bank as well as the latest salary survey.

E-mail account - Each member is provided with an email account. The email account is supported through Google's gmail service so it is available from any internet connection. Access Email

Exclusive Member Benefits - From time to time corporations offer IPA and NFPA members exclusive discounts on products and services.

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If you have questions regarding any of the benefits listed above, please contact the 

Membership Director at

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