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NFPA's Application for CLE Credit by Registered Paralegals Form has been Updated

08 Nov 2011 1:09 AM | Monica Dabio (Administrator)

The Application for CLE Credit by Registered Paralegals form has been updated and should be easier for you to complete and submit.  Please note theintroductory paragraphs that provide information on what DOES NOT need approval from the NFPA CLE Coordinator.  Only the first page of the form, with your signature, should be returned to HQ with your request for approval.  I hope the changes will help in your submission and renewal process. 
We anticipate an ever more user-friendly version available next year when the NFPA website is revamped.
As always, your CLE questions should be directed to Kaye Mullinex, RP or Kaylin Rasar at NFPA Headquarters.
Theresa A. Prater, RP
NFPA Vice President and Director of Profession Development


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