Officers of NFPA

The following people were elected by the delegates to serve NFPA:

Officer Positions (two-year term)

 * President: 

     Valerie Wilus, RP®, Pa.C.P.

*  Vice President and Director of Positions and Issues:

     Lori Boris, RP®, MnCP     

*  Vice President and Director of Paralegal Certification:

      Juanita (Nita) Serrano, RP®, FRP

*  Secretary and Director of Operations:

     Cherylan Shearer 

Region Directors (for a one-year term)

 * Regions I, II, III, IV, and V  


 * ABA Approval Commission Representative (for a three-year term) (Please note this position begins in Fall 2017) 

    Tammy Smith

The remaining 2016-2017 NFPA Board members are:

Vice President and Director of Profession Development - Allen Mihecoby, RP®, CLAS
Vice President and Director of Membership - Yvonne DeAntoneo
Vice President and Director of Marketing - Lisa Lynch, CRP
Treasurer & Director of Finance - MaryAnn Ivie, RP®       
Region I Director - Ronell Badua
Region II Director - Mianne Besser
Region III Director - Lori Wagner, RP®, IRP                                                                                                                   
Region IV Director - Monique Luck, Pa.C.P
Region V Director - Josie Estes


Coordinator Letter of Interest:

**Please note resumes and letters of interest for coordinator forms are to be submitted directly with these forms and do not need to be submitted separately to (unless they are submitted at a later time)** 

Keep in mind all Coordinator positions (with the exception of certain two- and three-year term positions) will be open for appointment (following this year’s convention) with submissions of Letters of Interest commencing on September 20th.  

NFPA Coordinator Positions:

The commencement of the submission of Coordinator Letters of Interest is now officially open for available coordinator positions.  Attached please find a link below of all coordinator positions (which can also be found within the Leadership Directory on the NFPA website).

Also listed below is a listing of the descriptions of each coordinator position (**please note these are subject to change and are not to be solely relied upon when assessing the criteria/expectations for each position; as such please refer to the NFPA Procedures Manual for full details**).

1.  ALL POSITIONS ARE OPEN (with the exceptions of the two elected positions of ABA Approval Commission Representative and Education Coordinator (the Education Coordinator is a three-year term in which the current coordinator is being elected in 2015 and  the ABA Pro-Bono Liaison is a three-year term in which the current coordinator was elected in 2016), and also the two appointed positions of Convention Coordinator (which is a two-year term in which the current coordinator was appointed in 2016) and the Nominations Coordinator (which is appointed at the winter board meeting).

2.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A DELEGATE TO BE A COORDINATOR - any IPA member can serve as a coordinator.


If you would like to continue to serve in your coordinator position you must fill out an interest form each year (unless your position has a term longer than one year, in which case you would submit during the appropriate timeframe your position is available).  All new interested coordinators must also fill out an interest form and all candidates are to provide resumes along with their submissions.

We would like to see as many positions filled as possible so please spread the word and become involved on the national level with NFPA!    


NFPA Student Membership

Please find a link regarding Student Membership on the NFPA website at Become a Member.


All members of the Indiana Paralegal Association are also members of the National Federation of Paralegal Associations. Founded in 1974, NFPA was the first national paralegal association.  Created as a non-profit federation, NFPA is an issues-driven, policy-oriented professional association directed by its membership.  It is comprised of 50 member associations and represents over 9,000 individual members reflecting a broad range of experience, education and diversity.  It was also the first national association to have a website (  

For more information regarding NFPA, please contact our NFPA Primary or Secondary Representatives listed below.

Contact Information

NFPA Primary
  Angela R. Hopson, RP®, IRP

  Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart, P.C.
111 Monument Circle, Suite 4600
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
T. 317-916-2567
F. 317-916-9076

NFPA Secondary
Tracey L. Woolsey, RP®

Cummins, Inc.
301 East Market Street 
Indianapolis, Indiana  46204

T. 317-610-4198
F. 317-610-4801


Lori Wagner, RP®, IRP


2017 NFPA Annual Convention



We are excited to announce that pro bono and community service reporting is now set up through your member login on the NFPA website:

1. Go to the NFPA website (;

2. Sign in with your email and password;

3. Once logged in, go to the Pro Bono tab and select “Reporting Pro Bono and Community Service Hours”; and 

4. Complete the form and submit. The reporting period runs from July 1st through June 30th.

Please report pro bono hours on a quarterly basis so that the NFPA Liaison to the ABA can share your service hours and projects with the ABA.

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